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Tubolito MTB PSENS Inner Tube

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Product Description

Tubo-MTB-PSENS. The world's first smart bicycle inner tube. 

  • Available for 27.5" or 29" MTB tires
  • Fits 1.8" to 2.3" wide tires
  • Compact. Saves space compared to regular tubes so you have more space in your jersey pocket or bike storage for other essentials. 
  • Lightweight. Tubolito MTB PSENS Weighs only 93g for 29" tune or 90g for 27.5" tube. That is more than 100 g weight saving per wheel compared to standard butyl tubes (29″ model)
  • 2x stronger than standard butyl tubes for better protection against punctures
  • Repairable; Patch kit sold separately. 
  • Material: TPU
  • 42mm SV Orange Presta Valve
  • Made in Austria
The first smart bicycle tube: to be able to easily measure the tire pressure, Tubo-MTB-PSENS is equipped with an NFC chip that makes it the first smart bicycle inner tube worldwide. This chip, which is located inside the tube close to the valve, does not need a battery. To determine the tire pressure a smartphone with the open Tubolito App (available for iOS, iPhone 7 or later, and for Android, Android mobile phones that support NFC technology) needs to be brought close to the chip (app. 3 cm). After a few seconds of measuring, the pressure is indicated in bar and psi. PSENS technology is available for 29” as well as for 27,5” Tubo-MTB products. Ready for disc brakes only.